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This is no game. We're in pursuit of progression and we give it everything we've got. Our logic is tried, mental stamina is tested and day after day we compete against the toughest of opponents, ourselves. You may think we're gamers, but really we're athletes.
And together we're on a mission.

Sharper Vision with
PRIZM™ Gaming Lens

Equipped with a revolutionary blue light filtering technology that reduces 40% of blue light from natural and artificial sources within the 380-500nm range. Featuring Prizm™ Lens Technology that's designed to enhance visual contrast.

Play longer, focus harder, feel better.


Time to elevate the game with NXTLVL, Oakley®'s first eyelass designed specifically for adult gamers. Delivering a comfortable, long-lasting fit while wearing headsets and featuring a larger square lens shape that is designed to provide an unobstructed field of view, these Prizm™ Gaming-compatible frames are designed so you can play without distraction.

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Discover the collection that will take your play all the way.

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With every Oakley Prescription Eyewear purchase, receive an exclusive Oakley Eyewear Strap that doubles as a useful lanyard. While stocks last.

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Oakley® Authentic Prescription

Oakley® Authentic Prescription is founded on quality, function and innovation, resulting in eyewear with lenses designed exactly to your needs - in the most authentic Oakley® way. It's prescription made for you.

Available in Oakley® VivoCity & Oakley® Marina Bay Sands.

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