the rules

Know the way
Pay attention to pre-ride briefings for ride details
Take your time
No time trial bars, bikes, or helmets.
Safety first
Helmets, front and rear lights are mandatory
Rules of the road
The law is still the law. Obey traffic rules.
Respect the pace
This is a cycling club... not a race.
Pass on directions from the front to the back
Eyes up
Be aware of your surroundings and fellow cyclists
Ears open
Leave the music at home. Get to know your club mates.
"We" mentality
We are only as fast as the last rider.
No half wheeling
DO NOT cross wheels with another rider
Take care of yourself
Make sure you have enough water, snacks, and gels
Take care of your bike
Bring your own tools/equipment for bike maintenance.

safety briefings

Oakley Cycling Club social rides are exactly that, social rides. They are not a race. They are an opportunity to make new friends, experience new Oakley products and experience the Oakley advantage firsthand.

In order to create a unique and safe experience for riders during Oakley Cycling Club social rides, spaces are purposefully kept to a minimum. In order to join a ride you must register your interest first.

Prior to the ride Oakley Cycling Club will automatically send a confirmation email to the successful members that have spot on the ride. Only upon receiving a confirmation email stating that you have successfully secured a spot may you attend.

The social ride rules are listed above. It’s mostly common sense and courtesy.

You must obey the local traffic laws. Helmets and working front and rear lights are mandatory.

Before the ride: Check the route, you can even download the GPX from Strava. Ensure your bike is well maintained, clean and drive chain lubricated. Get your head in the "group before me" space!

During the ride: Respect the planned pace. Keep your eyes up, ears open and anticipate changes. Communicate and let other know what’s going on, directions, slowing or stopping, point out obstacles etc.

Please make sure you bring; sufficient water and nutrition for the ride. Sun block or UV protection.

Enjoy the ride!

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